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Children see before they speak, make marks before they write, build before they walk. But their ability to appreciate and interpret what they observe, communicate what they think and feel, or make what they imagine and invent, is influenced by the quality of their art, craft and design education.  


At Joseph Cash Primary School, we emphasise the importance of art in shaping our pupils' growth. Our inclusive art program is designed to spark creativity and imagination in each child.

Our lessons are dedicated to nurturing the artistic abilities of our students. Art themes create a supportive and motivating setting for children to experiment with various mediums and techniques, enabling them to express themselves through art.

We take pride in the diverse array of art projects our children produce, ranging from paintings and sculptures to digital art and mixed media. These projects help children develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

At Joseph Cash, we follow a unique and tailored curriculum that honors the creative traditions of our community, the UK, and the world at large. This approach encourages curiosity, self-expression, and self-reflection, enriching our cultural knowledge and skills. It equips us to thrive and contribute to the vibrant life at Joseph Cash, Coventry, and 21st-century Britain.

As aspiring artists, we will:

  • Engage in creative work to explore ideas and document our artistic journey.
  • Hone skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, and printing techniques.
  • Learn to assess and analyse the work of artists, craftspeople, and designers, using art-specific terminology.
  • Delve into our local creative heritage and the works of renowned artists, craftspeople, and designers from the UK and beyond, understanding the historical and cultural evolution of their art forms.


Progression Pathway 

Art Overview - Autumn

Art Overview - Spring 

Art Overview - Summer


The Arts curriculum is also enhanced by WOW to....weeks each term.  

WOW to Empower 

WOW to Inspire 

WOW to Flourish 

Children participate in diverse creative activities during Arts-focused 'Aspire to Inspire' weeks, delving into painting, drawing, music, drama, and writing to convey their thoughts and emotions. Through art, they contemplate the messages communicated, understanding the impact of self-expression and connectivity. Culminating showcases enable children to exhibit their creations via gallery exhibitions, performances, and presentations, nurturing creativity, dialogues, and admiration within the school community. WOW to... weeks, not only refine artistic talents but also cultivate communication and presentation skills for future inspiration and self-expression.


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