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At our school, we have meticulously planned and designed our curriculum to provide students with a wide range of experiences that contribute to a rich and diverse learning experience. Our curriculum encompasses various academic, spiritual, moral, social, and cultural experiences that celebrate and support our diverse culture.



The JC curriculum prioritises knowledge and skill development. Learners are introduced to a diverse range of themes and experiences that they will carry with them long into adulthood. This tapestry of experiences is designed to help pupils develop a robust vocabulary base and a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them. By emphasising knowledge and skill development from a young age, the JC curriculum sets students up for success in all aspects of their lives. With a diverse range of themes and experiences, students are able to explore and learn about different cultures, histories, and perspectives. This not only helps build empathy and understanding, but also broadens their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Joseph Cash Curriculum



Year Group Overviews 

Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Pathway   

Knowledge Organiser - The Big Dig  

Autumn Curriculum Routeway - Year 1  

Year 1 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Knowledge Organiser - Wonderful People Year 1 Curriculum Pathway - Spring Term 

Knowledge Organiser - A Grand Day OutYear 1 Curriculum Pathway - Summer Term


Year 2

Year 2 Long Term Curriculum Planner

Year 2 Curriculum Pathway 

 Year 2 Knowledge Organiser - Whizz, Bang, Plot  

Year 2 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Year 2 Curriculum Routeway

Knowledge Organiser- Toy Story Year 2 Curriculum Pathway - Spring Term 

Knowledge Organiser - To infinity and BeyondYear 2 - Curriculum Pathway - Summer


Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Pathway - Autumn     Year 3 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Year 3 - Curriculum Routeway - Autumn   Year 3 Knowledge Organiser - Rocks to Riches - Autumn  

Knowledge Organiser- Great Egyptian Grave Robbery Year 3 Curriculum Pathway- Spring Term 

Knowledge Organiser - Pebble in my PocketYear 3 Curriculum Pathway - Summer 

Year 3 Long Term Curriculum Planner

Year 4


Year 4 Curriculum Pathway - Autumn     Year 4 Curriculum Routeway - Autumn 

Year 4 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser - Riotous Royals - Autumn 

Knowledge Organiser - Movers and ShakersYear 4 Curriculum Pathway - Summer 

Knowledge organiser- Wheels and Winged Things Year 4 Curriculum Pathway - Spring Term   

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser - Riotous Royals - Autumn 

Year 4 Long Term Curriculum Planner

Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Pathway - Autumn     Year 5 Curriculum Routeway - Autumn  

Year 5 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser - Building Empires - Autumn

Knowledge Organiser - Raiders and InvadersYear 5 Curriculum Pathway - Summer Term

ge Organiser - Rome wasn't built in a day  Year 5 Curriculum Pathway - Spring Term   

Year 5 Long Term Curriculum Planner

Year 6

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser - Blitz, Bombs... - Autumn  

Year 6 Curriculum Routeway -Spring Term 

Year 6 Long Term Curriculum Planner

Year 6 Curriculum Pathway - Autumn   Year 6 Curriculum Routeway - Autumn 

Year 6 -Knowledge Organiser - Vicious Vikings - Spring  

Year 6 Curriculum Pathway - Summer  Year 6 Curriculum Routeway - Summer  Year 6 Knowledge Organiser - Summer 



View our 'JC in Action' Page to see the Curriculum in full swing ! 


Here is a snap shot of Year 1's Year...