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Religious Education


Our approach is designed to foster an environment where every student feels valued and respected, regardless of their background. By promoting inclusivity and understanding, we aim to build a community where differences are celebrated, and mutual respect is paramount.

 Jospeh Cash is part of a diverse community. We recognise that religion and belief, for many people, forms a crucial part of their culture and identity. We ensure that children are taught key knowledge, in a creative way, to ensure that they are equipped to talk about RE in a sensitive and respectful way.

We follow the Coventry SACRE scheme which equips pupils with an understanding of the key beliefs of the six major religions practised in Britain, ways these beliefs are expressed and the impact that an individual’s worldview has on their life and the lives of others. Through promotion of the British Values, pupils will become equipped with the skills to thrive and contribute to life in 21st Century Britain.

In addition to religious education, we place a strong emphasis on personal development and social responsibility. Our curriculum is designed to encourage critical thinking, empathy, and a genuine curiosity about the world. We believe that by nurturing these qualities, we can help students become thoughtful and compassionate global citizens.

Our commitment to British Values—democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs—underpins everything we do. These values are woven into our teaching and learning practices, helping students to develop a strong moral compass and a sense of responsibility towards their community and the wider world.

By embracing diversity and promoting a comprehensive educational experience, we prepare our students not only for academic success but also for meaningful and fulfilling lives. We are proud to support our students as they grow into well-rounded individuals who are ready to make a positive impact on society.

Religious Education Pathway 

Launching September 2024 !! Coventry and Warwickshire have created a new SACRE for the new academic year. The teaching of RE will take a 'religion and worlds view' approach,  the syllabus with the particular (e.g. individual & communal worldviews) and moves towards the general (e.g. knowledge of recognisable familial traits from organised worldviews), It makes use of the immediate context and available resources and has a large focus on the ways in which people live, the diversity of embodied religion and the hermeneutical nature of beliefs as interpreted and lived. 

Joseph Cash will provide more information in Autumn 2024. 

We believe it is important for our children to understand, appreciate, and respect other religions. Schools have to teach RE but parents can withdraw their children for all or part of the lessons. Before any decision is made, we would always welcome a conversation with parents about this to understand their reasons for wanting their child to miss part or all of an RE lesson, and to explain the content of our lessons.