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Word iconBrave Choices Bobby

Bobby's Superpowers

  • He has a kind heart and thinks about others before himself
  • Brave Bobby is always quick on his feet and goes the extra mile. He’s fearless and fantastic.
  • We all have Brave Bobby within us

How did Bobby get his Superpowers? 

Brave Bobby is a value you can trust in when you need guidance and support. He is a value that you can believe in and uses his core value, bravery, to support and help others to succeed. He had to overcome a challenge and make his own brave choices.
Bobby has always been the top of his class, he is great with numbers, loves Science, understands maps and enjoys Computers. That was until his family moved from their home country to Coventry and he started at his new school.
 He felt very lonely, everyone looked at him differently, he didn’t know what he was doing, he struggled to understand the language and felt very lost. At break times and lunchtimes, the children would leave him out of their games, call him names, hide his coat and lunchbox and make him feel like an outsider. Bobby tried to tell his younger sister but she loved her new class and new friends, she told him he was being silly.
One day Bobby had had enough, he was feeling brave and spoke to his teacher about how he was feeling. That afternoon in PSHE, Bobby talked to the other children about what it was like starting a new school. The children in his class felt sorry for him but thought he had been really brave to share how he felt!
After that day, all the children wanted to play with Bobby and he ended up loving school!



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