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 Never Give Up neiko

Neiko's Superpowers 

  • Neiko’s never-ending mission is to encourage others so they never give up.
  • Are things going wrong? You can rely on Neiko to whisper in your ear and expand your self- belief.
  • Has plan A failed? Neiko will help you plan for the other 25 letters of the alphabet!
  • Not sure which choice to make? Trusty Neiko is always prepared to help you make the right choice.
  • Never give up Neiko will always lend a helping hand.
  • He has lots of energy and an infectious smile and personality, even when faced with a challenge

How did Neiko get his superpowers? 

Never give up Neiko is a value you can count on! He knows that it is important to think positively and believe in yourself.

He discovered this by carefully watching others and realising that enthusiastic people who learn from their mistakes are more successful.

He was learning to ride a bike during WOW week and he fell off, he was trying to learn his times tables and couldn’t do it so he threw the pencil on the floor, he was learning to read but he kept putting the book away. His teacher told him to stay positive and persevere, you will get there…

So Neiko got up and got back on the bike, he picked up the pencil and started to write down his times tables and he took his reading book back out and started to read again.

His teachers were so proud !

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