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Ronnie's Superpowers 

  • She can help children who are struggling and about to give up.
  • Ronnie is not afraid to try new things even when she might get it wrong.
  • She helps her friends believe in themselves and each other.
  • She encourages us to try our best!
  • Her caring, loving nature helps her understand the challenges that children have to face.
  • Ronnie helps people by saying positive and encouraging things and helps them be resilient.
  • She is an excellent role model and she always keeps on trying. 

How did Ronnie get her superpowers? 

Resilient Ronnie did not always have super powers. She was a normal, little girl who went to school like you and me. However, there was something really special about Ronnie. She never gave up no matter how difficult the challenge. She preserved with every task and always put in 100% effort into everything she did.

One day, a beautiful, sparkly angel was walking past Ronnie’s classroom. She noticed Ronnie writing a really long, interesting story. Ronnie wrote and wrote and never gave up, even when her hand hurt she carried on. The angel, who had magical powers, decided that Ronnie should be rewarded for her effort. She decided Ronnie deserved something special because she had shown such resilience with her writing. Quickly, she took out her magical, gold wand and scattered rainbow-coloured magical dust all over Ronnie.

Suddenly, Ronnie felt rather strange. She was no longer plain, hardworking Ronnie; she was now ‘Resilient Ronnie’ because she had super powers She knows when she needs to help a person who is about to give up. Without wasting any time, she zooms across and speaks to the person in her soft, nice voice. Once she has reassured the person and shown them how to persevere, she goes back to being plain Ronnie again – a student like you and me.


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