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Talking Together

Talking Together is a new project in Coventry. It offers informal spoken language training to long-term UK residents who have little or no knowledge of English. Our practical input really can help transform someone's life, open doors and contribute to community integration.

Classes focus on using English in everyday life, such as making appointments, contacting emergency services, shopping and telling the time. 

 Each programme is 6 or 12 weeks long (depending on term dates) and each class generally lasts for two hours. Future dates will be posted on the Pastoral activity timetable.

 Why is it important?

Language skills are vital to build strong, united communities and without them, residents can feel marginalised and disempowered. This is especially true of women, who may be unable to describe their child’s symptoms to a doctor or in hospital, lack confidence when meeting neighbours, out shopping or using public transport, or find it difficult to know what is happening at their children’s school.

What is the need?

  • 60% of people believe that not speaking the language is the biggest barrier to integration (Commission on Integration and Cohesion, 2007)
  • 41% consider being able to speak English as essential to being British (State of the Nation online poll, British Future)

Who can take part?

Talking Together is mainly aimed at those aged over  the age of 19 - primarily women from the Bangladeshi, Somali and Pakistani communities – although we also welcome those from other communities who have little or no English.