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  Try New Things taylor

Taylor's Superpowers

  • Taylor has special thumbs that show everyone it is good to try new things even if you feel worried.
  • She is always happy, cheerful and optimistic
  • She stands proud and brave
  • Taylor asks for help if she doesn’t understand so she can succeed.

How did Taylor get her Superpowers?

Try new things Taylor is not afraid to try new things. She knows that it is important to be brave even though she might be feeling scared. Her family, teachers and friends are super supportive by encouraging her to try new things.

Last year, Taylor went swimming for the first time with school. At first, she felt frightened and stayed close the edge but she didn’t give up! After a few sessions and with support from her friends and teachers she felt happy she had learnt a new skill and couldn’t wait to go swimming again.  Even when things were not going well, Taylor didn’t give up she always gave it her best try.


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