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 Understanding ulli

Ulli's Superpowers

  • He is kind hearted and always shows sensitivity towards those around him.
  • His special power is that he is able to read people’s feelings therefore allowing him to see problems from the perspective of others.
  • He is always positive and shows sensitivity towards others.
  • Ulli understands that ‘listening costs nothing’ as a reminder of how powerful good understanding can be.

How did Ulli get his superpowers? 

Understanding Ulli is a hero you can always rely on. Whenever he senses that someone is unhappy, he places his ‘cap of wisdom’ on his head which allows him to select words and actions that make others instantly feel happy, safe and comforted.

Understanding Ulli was born with a disability which meant he couldn’t run around like the other children; he couldn’t play on the climbing frame, or hop, skip or jump. The children tried to let Ulli join in but he couldn’t play the same, so they stopped asking him. Ulli felt sad.

Until one day, Ulli was throwing and catching a ball when a play leader came over and asked if she could join in.

At first, Ulli said ‘no, I’m no good at playing with other children.’

The play leader replied, ‘of course you are you just have to understand that you can’t always play the same games and the other children need to understand the games you can play.’

The play leader started throwing and catching the ball, then another child came over to join in, and another and another. It was the best lunchtime ever! Since that day, Ulli had lots of children to play with! Ulli was promoted to play leader and received a special cap to show he could understand others and include everyone in his games.


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